Maniak Monthly Awards-Sept. 2016

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It was an unusual start to the season, at least for the first two weeks, as every team either stood 2-0 or 0-2.  The big stories were 2015 playoff teams Houston and Springfield struggling early, after their vaunted WR corps both fell flat.  For Houston, it was Keenan Allen going out for the season in Week 1, and DeAndre Hopkins not yet producing as he did in ’15.  Springfield has counted on Odell Beckham setting the league on fire as he did his first two seasons, but that has not happened yet.

The other big story is New England in the East, after an offseason in which the GM swung deals for star backs Adrian Peterson and Jonathan Stewart, as well as WR Dez Bryant.  It was clear to everyone in the league that the Thunderbirds were all in this year, but after a winless start to divisional play and all three acquisitions getting hurt, it was time for ownership to rethink their strategy.

Here are the awards for the first month of the season:

Players of the Week

Week 1: Drew Brees, St. Louis. Honorable mention: Andrew Luck, Las Vegas; DeAngelo Williams, Houston; CJ Anderson, Tampa Bay; Antonio Brown, Washington; Brandin Cooks, Washington.

Week 2: Matt Forte, St. Louis. Honorable mention: Cam Newton, Tampa Bay; Carson Palmer, New Orleans; Derek Carr, Washington; Kelvin Benjamin, Washington; New Orleans defense.

Week 3: Marvin Jones, New Orleans. Honorable mention: Aaron Rodgers, Houston; Todd Gurley, Las Vegas; LeSean McCoy, Detroit; Christine Michael, Washington; Emmanuel Sanders, Detroit; Jordy Nelson, Santa Fe.

Teams of the Week
Week 1: St. Louis
Week 2: Washington
Week 3: Springfield

September Studs
QB: Drew Brees, St. Louis; Aaron Rodgers, Houston; Matthew Stafford, New York

RB: David Johnson, Las Vegas; DeAngelo Williams, Houston; Matt Forte, St. Louis; DeMarco Murray, Oakland, CJ Anderson, Tampa Bay; LeSean McCoy, Detroit

WR: Mike Evans, St. Louis; Jordy Nelson, Santa Fe; Marvin Jones, New Orleans; Larry Fitzgerald, New York; Antonio Brown, Washington; Kelvin Benjamin, Washington

TE: Greg Olsen, Las Vegas

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