Maniak Monthly Awards-Oct. 2016

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As we pass the midpoint of 2016, Las Vegas, Washington, and St. Louis have established themselves as the favorites for the playoffs.  The common formula for the three has been all-around play and strong depth at every position.  And while Vegas is always a favorite to win the title, the QB play of Washington’s Derek Carr and St. Louis’ Drew Brees give both of those teams more than a fighting chance.

Meanwhile, the wild card is being fought for among several teams.  Springfield has bounced back to get to 5-3, tied with Oakland for the lead in that regard.  But Springfield, with the return of Tom Brady and Odell Beckham rounding into form, has the look of a team that can make more noise if they get to the final four.  New Orleans, if they can get improved play at QB, should be in the mix as well.  2nd-year back Melvin Gordon has been a TD machine this year, and Lamar Miller could have a big second half.  Also key is the return of Donte Moncrief.  Tampa Bay and New York, at 4-4 both, are not out of it either.  If Cam Newton displays his MVP form of 2015, the Terps could make a run, but of concern is the injuries in their running game.  New York is counting on Jay Ajayi to continue his recent breakout.

Here are the awards for the second month of the season:

Players of the Week

Week 4: Ben Roethlisberger, New England. Honorable mention: Matt Ryan, Houston; DeMarco Murray, Oakland; AJ Green, St. Louis; Michael Crabtree, Oakland; Julio Jones, Las Vegas; Jordan Reed, Tampa Bay.

Week 5: Ben Roethlisberger, New England. Honorable mention: Tom Brady, Springfield; David Johnson, Las Vegas; Ezekiel Elliott, Springfield; Sammie Coates, Houston; Martellus Bennett, New York.

Week 6: David Johnson, Las Vegas. Honorable mention: Drew Brees, St. Louis; Matthew Stafford, New York; LeSean McCoy, Detroit; Lamar Miller, New Orleans; Odell Beckham, Springfield; Terrelle Pryor, Washington; Brandin Cooks, Washington.

Week 7: Melvin Gordon, New Orleans. Honorable mention: Andrew Luck, Las Vegas; Drew Brees, St. Louis; LeGarrette Blount, Detroit; Jay Ajayi, New York; Mike Evans, St. Louis; AJ Green, St. Louis.

Week 8: Derek Carr, Washington. Honorable mention: Aaron Rodgers, Houston; Tom Brady, Springfield; Jordan Howard, St. Louis; Matt Forte, St. Louis; Amari Cooper, Las Vegas; Detroit defense.

Teams of the Week
Week 4: Oakland
Week 5: Las Vegas
Week 6: Washington

Week 7: St. Louis

Week 8: Washington

October Studs
QB: Tom Brady, Springfield; Derek Carr, Washington; Drew Brees, St. Louis

RB: David Johnson, Las Vegas; DeMarco Murray, Oakland; Melvin Gordon, New Orleans; Ezekiel Elliott, Springfield; Jordan Howard, St. Louis

WR: Julio Jones, Las Vegas; Michael Crabtree, Oakland; AJ Green, St. Louis; Amari Cooper, Las Vegas; TY Hilton, Springfield

TE: Rob Gronkowski, New Orleans

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