Maniak Monthly Awards-Oct. 2017

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Just past the halfway point of the season, we are almost certainly down to five teams playing for four playoff spots.  In the West, the undefeated Clowns (using their many assets to save the QB position) and the 7-1 Isotopes have the division title and wild card on lockdown.  The Sharks in the Central have come together ahead of schedule behind backs Kareem Hunt and Melvin Gordon and hold a commanding three-game lead.  The lone battle for a division is in the East, where the Warlords lead the Terps by a game.  With the weapons Washington has, the edge would seemingly go to them, but Tampa Bay has one of the best management teams in the league and could be plotting a move to get the upper hand.

Here are the awards for October:

Players of the Week

Week 4: Le’Veon Bell, Springfield. Honorable mention: Jameis Winston, Lincoln; Aaron Rodgers, Houston; Lamar Miller, Tampa Bay; Ezekiel Elliott, Springfield; Todd Gurley, Las Vegas; Bilal Powell, Oakland; Jordy Nelson, St. Louis.

Week 5: Deshaun Watson, Las Vegas. Honorable mention: Carson Wentz, Washington; Dak Prescott, Detroit; Leonard Fournette, Las Vegas; Melvin Gordon, New Orleans; DeAndre Hopkins, Houston; Davante Adams, Tampa Bay; Will Fuller, New Orleans; AJ Green, Houston; Clowns defense.

Week 6: Melvin Gordon, New Orleans. Honorable mention: Deshaun Watson, Las Vegas; Carson Wentz, Washington; Mark Ingram, Springfield; Le’Veon Bell, Springfield; Antonio Brown, Washington; Rob Gronkowski, New Orleans, Sting defense; Rockets defense.

Week 7: Dak Prescott, Detroit. Honorable mention: Carson Wentz, Washington; Alex Smith, Oakland; Ezekiel Elliott, Springfield; LeSean McCoy, Detroit; Todd Gurley, Las Vegas; Amari Cooper, Las Vegas; Kenny Stills, Lincoln; Jordan Reed, St. Louis; Clowns defense.

Week 8: Deshaun Watson, Las Vegas. Honorable mention: Ezekiel Elliott, Springfield; LeSean McCoy, Detroit; Lamar Miller, Tampa Bay; DeAndre Hopkins, Houston; Will Fuller, New Orleans; Warlords defense; Terrapins defense.


Teams of the Week
Week 4: Tampa Bay
Week 5: Las Vegas
Week 6: New Orleans                                                                                                             Week 7: Las Vegas
Week 8: Springfield

October Studs
QB: Carson Wentz, Washington; Alex Smith, Oakland; Deshaun Watson, Las Vegas; Tom Brady, Springfield

RB: Ezekiel Elliott, Springfield; Le’Veon Bell, Springfield; Melvin Gordon, New Orleans; Leonard Fournette, Las Vegas; LeSean McCoy, Detroit; Lamar Miller; Tampa Bay; Todd Gurley, Las Vegas

WR: DeAndre Hopkins, Houston; Will Fuller, New Orleans; Antonio Brown, Washington; Mike Evans, Las Vegas

TE: Zach Ertz, Tampa Bay; Travis Kelce, Springfield

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