Maniak Monthly Awards-Nov. 2017

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With just two weeks left in the regular season, the playoff field looks to be set.  Las Vegas continues to pursue a perfect record, now 12-0 after beating the Isotopes for the second time this year.  However, Springfield should get a third chance in the playoffs as the wild card, so there’s still time to spoil perfection and get a repeat championship in the process.

In the Central, barring a huge explosion of offense and two wins from the Mustangs, New Orleans has finally locked up the division after spiraling downward from a 6-1 start.  The two teams square off this week, and while both sides are running much less successfully these days, the Sharks still have the firepower to pull an upset once they get to the playoffs.

Who will they face in the semifinals?  It looks to be Washington from the East, as they also have a two-game lead and made it that much tougher on Tampa Bay to come back after they hammered the Terps last week.  Washington also struggles to run the ball, but with a receiving corps as loaded as any team’s, they will definitely be a threat to win the title.  Tampa still has some hope if they can find a way to tie the Warlords in the standings, but it will take everything they have to catch up.  One player doing all he can is the recently acquired Keenan Allen, who has found his top form in the last two weeks and could be in for a rich contract next year.


Here are the awards for November:

Players of the Week

Week 9: Jared Goff, New England. Honorable mention: Carson Wentz, Washington; Dak Prescott, Detroit; Todd Gurley, Las Vegas; Marshawn Lynch, Detroit; T.Y. Hilton, Springfield; Marvin Jones, Tampa Bay; Alshon Jeffery, Washington.

Week 10: Cam Newton, Tampa Bay. Honorable mention: Jared Goff, New England; Tom Brady, Springfield; Kirk Cousins, St. Louis; Mark Ingram, Springfield; DeMarco Murray, Houston; Robert Woods, Houston; Devin Funchess, New England; Adam Thielen, New York.

Week 11: Antonio Brown, Washington. Honorable mention: Ben Roethlisberger, Lincoln; Tom Brady, Springfield; Russell Wilson, Las Vegas; LeSean McCoy, Las Vegas; Keenan Allen, Tampa Bay; Kenny Stills, Lincoln; Warlords defense, Clowns defense.

Week 12: Julio Jones, Las Vegas. Honorable mention: Philip Rivers, New Orleans; Carson Wentz, Washington; Jamaal Williams, Springfield; Tevin Coleman, New England; Antonio Brown, Washington; Keenan Allen, Tampa Bay; Rob Gronkowski, New Orleans.

Teams of the Week
Week 9: New England
Week 10: Houston
Week 11: Washington
Week 12: Las Vegas

November Studs
QB: Russell Wilson, Las Vegas; Tom Brady, Springfield; Carson Wentz, Washington; Matthew Stafford, New York; Philip Rivers, New Orleans; Jared Goff, New England

RB: Mark Ingram, Springfield; Todd Gurley, Las Vegas

WR: Antonio Brown, Washington; Julio Jones, Las Vegas; Keenan Allen, Tampa Bay

TE: Jimmy Graham, Las Vegas

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