Maniak Monthly Awards-Dec. 2017

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Since the beginning, the Clowns have been the model franchise of the league.  Five championships, playoff perennials, and too many all-stars to count.  But one goal had yet to be obtained, until this season.  With their win over defending champion Springfield, Las Vegas finally achieved the dream: a perfect season.  Sixteen games, sixteen wins.  The only real scare came in Week 4 against Houston when they were down by over 20 points and made a thrilling fourth quarter comeback, but other than that, they were never really threatened again until the championship.  Springfield, as always, put up a fight worthy of a champion, but it was just the Clowns’ time once again.

As for the rest of the league, the message has been sent.  Not only did Las Vegas show how dominant they can be, but they, along with Springfield, have alternated taking the last five championships.  If there’s going to be a change at the top, it has to start at the next draft.  First round picks are gold, and all owners need to figure out a way to maximize these assets.  Free agency is a valuable tool as well, but let’s be clear: the Clowns and Isotopes are winning these championships because of their superior drafting.  We celebrate their success, but we want to see other teams challenge them, if only to keep the league exciting.  That should be the goal of everyone in the 2018 season.


Here are the awards for December:

Players of the Week

Week 13: Tyreek Hill, New York. Honorable mention: Russell Wilson, Las Vegas; Blake Bortles, Oakland; Alvin Kamara, Lincoln; Le’Veon Bell, Springfield; Rex Burkhead, New England; Kenyan Drake, New York; AJ Green, Houston; Travis Kelce, Springfield; Terrapins defense.

Week 14: Carson Wentz, Washington. Honorable mention: Dak Prescott, Detroit; Le’Veon Bell, Springfield; Jonathan Stewart, Washington; Todd Gurley, Las Vegas; Jamaal Williams, Springfield; DeAndre Hopkins, New Orleans; Davante Adams, Tampa Bay; Jarvis Landry, Oakland; Antonio Brown, Washington.

Week 15: Todd Gurley, Las Vegas. Honorable mention: Cam Newton, Tampa Bay; Blake Bortles, Oakland; Kareem Hunt, New Orleans; Mark Ingram, Springfield; LeSean McCoy, Las Vegas; Devonta Freeman, St. Louis; Sterling Shepard, New England; Michael Crabtree, Oakland.

Week 16: Todd Gurley, Las Vegas. Honorable mention: Jared Goff, New England; Kirk Cousins, St. Louis; Dion Lewis, New Orleans; CJ Anderson, New England; Larry Fitzgerald, New York; Sting defense; Mammoths defense; Wolfpack defense.

Teams of the Week
Week 13: Tampa Bay
Week 14: Las Vegas
Week 15: Las Vegas
Week 16: Las Vegas

December Studs
QB: Blake Bortles, Oakland; Cam Newton, Tampa Bay

RB: Todd Gurley, Las Vegas; Le’Veon Bell, Springfield; Kareem Hunt, New Orleans; LeSean McCoy, Las Vegas; Mark Ingram, Springfield; Melvin Gordon, New Orleans; Kenyan Drake, New York

WR: Tyreek Hill, New York; DeAndre Hopkins, New Orleans; Michael Thomas, New Orleans

TE: Rob Gronkowski, New Orleans

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