Maniak Monthly Awards-Sept. 2018

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While the usual suspects are looking strong for a playoff run, a couple of teams have found their way out of the basement in this first month.

The Lincoln Mammoths have struggled ever since their move from Denver, but the addition of rookies Alvin Kamara and Cooper Kupp brought some life last season, and it has carried over to a 3-1 start.  The offense has been explosive, and is perhaps an elite QB away from being a serious threat for the title.

Over in New England, the Thunderbirds have also started 3-1, after a nearly complete makeover of the team.  Adding Tom Brady through a trade with Springfield has lifted the offense, and the late free agent acquisition at TE, George Kittle, has been one of the better pickups.  Right now, it looks like everyone has a chance in that division, but New England’s fans have to be excited about their team’s prospects.

Here are the awards for the first month of the season:

Players of the Week

Week 1: Tyreek Hill, St. Louis. Honorable mention: Drew Brees, St. Louis; Philip Rivers, New Orleans; Aaron Rodgers, Houston; Alvin Kamara, Lincoln; James Conner, Springfield; Jay Ajayi, Washington; Kenny Stills, Lincoln; Warlords defense.

Week 2: Patrick Mahomes, Las Vegas. Honorable mention: Philip Rivers, New Orleans; Cam Newton, Tampa Bay; Todd Gurley, Las Vegas; Melvin Gordon, New Orleans; AJ Green, Houston; Stefon Diggs, Tampa Bay; Travis Kelce, Springfield.

Week 3: Calvin Ridley, St. Louis. Honorable mention: Cam Newton, Tampa Bay; Patrick Mahomes, Las Vegas; Ben Roethlisberger, Springfield; Adrian Peterson, Tampa Bay; Carlos Hyde, Lincoln; Isaiah Crowell, New York; Mike Evans, Las Vegas.

Week 4: Alvin Kamara, Lincoln. Honorable mention: Matt Ryan, Springfield; Philip Rivers, New Orleans; Ezekiel Elliott, Springfield; Melvin Gordon, New Orleans; Kareem Hunt, New Orleans; Giovani Bernard, St. Louis; Cooper Kupp, Lincoln; Golden Tate, Detroit; DeAndre Hopkins, New Orleans; Jared Cook, Oakland; Mustangs defense.

Teams of the Week
Week 1: St. Louis
Week 2: Las Vegas
Week 3: Lincoln
Week 4: New Orleans

September Studs
QB: Philip Rivers, New Orleans; Patrick Mahomes, Las Vegas; Cam Newton, Tampa Bay; Tom Brady, New England; Matthew Stafford, New York

RB: Alvin Kamara, Lincoln; Todd Gurley, Las Vegas; Melvin Gordon, New Orleans; Ezekiel Elliott, Springfield; Carlos Hyde, Lincoln; Kareem Hunt, New Orleans; James Conner, Springfield

WR: Tyreek Hill, St. Louis; AJ Green, Houston; Calvin Ridley, St. Louis; Golden Tate, Detroit; Mike Evans, Las Vegas; DeAndre Hopkins, New Orleans; Michael Thomas, New Orleans

TE: Travis Kelce, Springfield

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