Maniak Monthly Awards-Oct. 2018

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As we’ve passed the halfway point of the season, the story (once again) is the success of the Las Vegas Clowns.  After winning their first eight of 2018, the Clowns have now won 24 straight regular season games.  So does anyone have a realistic shot at taking them down in their quest for another title?  Let’s take a look at their remaining schedule…

Week 9 vs. Rockets: The lowest scoring team in the league; Clowns should cruise to an easy win.

Week 10 vs. Mustangs: As long as Aaron Rodgers is healthy, his team always has a shot.  That said, the Mustangs have been too erratic to seriously like their chances.

Week 11 vs. Warlords: Washington is rising with a current three-game win streak and their running game is much improved as Marlon Mack gets healthy.  We’ll give them a 30 percent chance.

Week 12 vs. Mammoths: Clowns will be missing Mahomes and Gurley, so this is probably the best chance any team will have to take Vegas down.

Week 13 vs. Isotopes: Springfield has been the only other team with recent championship success, so they’ll always have a good shot.

Week 14 vs. Outlaws: If Vegas gets to this point 13-0, they’ll be a very safe bet to have another perfect regular season.

Meanwhile, looking at the rest of the playoff picture, Springfield is in great shape to get the wild card.  In the Central, the Sharks are holding off the Sting and Mustangs.  St. Louis has the firepower to keep up with New Orleans, but we like the Sharks to repeat as division winners.  The East is a jumble, as all four teams still have a great shot.  Thunderbirds have gone the opposite direction of the Warlords, while New York has quietly found a way to 4-4 and a share of the lead.  It will most likely come down to the final week.

Here are the awards for the second month of the season:

Players of the Week

Week 5: James Conner, Springfield. Honorable mention: Tom Brady, New England; Drew Brees, St. Louis; Aaron Rodgers, Houston; Todd Gurley, Las Vegas; Saquon Barkley, Las Vegas; David Johnson, Las Vegas; Odell Beckham, Springfield; Antonio Brown, Washington; Davante Adams, Lincoln.

Week 6: Tyreek Hill, St. Louis. Honorable mention: Patrick Mahomes, Las Vegas; Matt Ryan, Springfield; Carson Wentz, Washington; Dak Prescott, Detroit; Melvin Gordon, New Orleans; Todd Gurley, Las Vegas; James Conner, Springfield; Saquon Barkley, Las Vegas; Sony Michel, New England; Davante Adams, Lincoln; Alshon Jeffery, Washington; Warlords defense.

Week 7: Patrick Mahomes, Las Vegas. Honorable mention: Tom Brady, New England; Kareem Hunt, New Orleans; Todd Gurley, Las Vegas; James White, Lincoln; Latavius Murray, Tampa Bay; Emmanuel Sanders, Detroit; Odell Beckham, Springfield; Outlaws defense.

Week 8: James Conner, Springfield. Honorable mention: Patrick Mahomes, Las Vegas; Andrew Luck, Springfield; Mitchell Trubisky, Oakland; Marlon Mack, Washington; Joe Mixon, St. Louis; Todd Gurley, Las Vegas; Adrian Peterson, Tampa Bay; Marvin Jones, Tampa Bay; DeAndre Hopkins, New Orleans; Mike Evans, Las Vegas; Antonio Brown, Washington; Tyler Boyd, Las Vegas; Larry Fitzgerald, Houston; Will Fuller, Lincoln.

Teams of the Week
Week 5: Springfield
Week 6: Washington
Week 7: Las Vegas
Week 8: Tampa Bay

October Studs
QB: Patrick Mahomes, Las Vegas; Tom Brady, New England; Carson Wentz, Washington; Aaron Rodgers, Houston

RB: Todd Gurley, Las Vegas; James Conner, Springfield; Kareem Hunt, New Orleans; Saquon Barkley, Las Vegas; Joe Mixon, St. Louis; Latavius Murray, Tampa Bay; Melvin Gordon, New Orleans

WR: Adam Thielen, Springfield; Antonio Brown, Washington; Tyreek Hill, St. Louis; Odell Beckham, Springfield; DeAndre Hopkins, New Orleans; Davante Adams, Lincoln

TE: Zach Ertz, Tampa Bay

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