Maniak Monthly Awards-Nov. 2018

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November was one of the most exciting months the league has ever seen.  Teams regularly passed 100 points (including one game where both teams scored triple digits), the league is bursting with two-way threats at running back, and the Clowns’ regular season win streak finally came to an end at 25 games.  Surprisingly, it was the Mustangs who pulled off the upset, and their star QB, Aaron Rodgers, was not the driving force behind the victory.

Despite that loss, the Clowns are still the odds-on favorite to retain their title.  They, along with the Isotopes, will be representing the West in the playoffs.  In the Central, the Sharks almost have their ticket punched, barring a sudden collapse, so that leaves one division.  The Warlords have a one-game lead over the Thunderbirds and would be in line to clinch with a win against Tampa Bay this weekend.  If they pull it off, we will have a repeat of last year’s final four.

Here are the awards for November:

Players of the Week

Week 9: Drew Brees, St. Louis. Honorable mention: Matt Ryan, Springfield; Patrick Mahomes, Las Vegas; Kareem Hunt, New Orleans; Alvin Kamara, Lincoln; Christian McCaffrey, Detroit; Tevin Coleman, New England; Michael Thomas, New Orleans; Travis Kelce, Springfield; OJ Howard, Oakland; Sting defense; Isotopes defense.

Week 10: Mitchell Trubisky, Oakland. Honorable mention: Drew Brees, St. Louis; Christian McCaffrey, Detroit; Nick Chubb, Washington; Ezekiel Elliott, Springfield; David Johnson, Las Vegas; Aaron Jones, Houston; Matt Breida, Houston; Allen Robinson, Oakland; Tyreek Hill, St. Louis; Odell Beckham, Springfield; Michael Thomas, New Orleans; Zach Ertz, Tampa Bay.

Week 11: Drew Brees, St. Louis. Honorable mention: Patrick Mahomes, Las Vegas; Jared Goff, New England; Saquon Barkley, Las Vegas; Ezekiel Elliott, Springfield; Aaron Jones, Houston; Phillip Lindsay, Oakland; Tyreek Hill, St. Louis; Mike Evans, Las Vegas; Stefon Diggs, Tampa Bay; Outlaws defense.

Week 12: Christian McCaffrey, Detroit. Honorable mention: Drew Brees, St. Louis; Deshaun Watson, Oakland; Dak Prescott, Detroit; Saquon Barkley, Las Vegas; Nick Chubb, Washington; Lamar Miller, Houston; Melvin Gordon, New Orleans; Amari Cooper, Las Vegas; Juju Smith-Schuster, Springfield; Eric Ebron, Springfield.

Teams of the Week
Week 9: Springfield
Week 10: Houston
Week 11: Las Vegas
Week 12: New England

November Studs
QB: Drew Brees, St. Louis; Patrick Mahomes, Las Vegas; Cam Newton, Tampa Bay; Matt Ryan, Springfield

RB: Christian McCaffrey, Detroit; Ezekiel Elliott, Springfield; Alvin Kamara, Lincoln; Nick Chubb, Washington; Melvin Gordon, New Orleans; Saquon Barkley, Las Vegas; Aaron Jones, Houston

WR: Tyreek Hill, St. Louis; Michael Thomas, New Orleans; Julio Jones, Las Vegas; Davante Adams, Lincoln; Juju Smith-Schuster, Springfield

TE: Travis Kelce, Springfield

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