Maniak Monthly Awards-Dec. 2018

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Well, it’s a familiar story once again, as the Clowns marched to another championship with a victory over New Orleans in the title game.  In a year where offenses reached new heights, the Clowns still proved to be the most explosive of all, led by the breakout season of young star QB Patrick Mahomes, who’s expected to be named a first team All-Star next month.

Las Vegas almost streaked through another regular season unbeaten as well, save for one upset loss in Week 10.  But if they return most of this amazing group of superstars, they will be the heavy favorites to win again next year.  Perhaps if another team can find their own version of Mahomes or rookie back Saquon Barkley, we’ll see some new blood in the playoffs next season.

Congratulations once again to the champs, and here are the awards for December:

Players of the Week

Week 13: Patrick Mahomes, Las Vegas. Honorable mention: Philip Rivers, New Orleans; Carson Wentz, Washington; Todd Gurley, Las Vegas; Phillip Lindsay, Oakland; Tarik Cohen, Oakland; Keenan Allen, Tampa Bay; Antonio Brown, Washington; Travis Kelce, Springfield.

Week 14: Derrick Henry, Detroit. Honorable mention: Tom Brady, New England; Matt Ryan, Springfield; Saquon Barkley, Las Vegas; Christian McCaffrey, Detroit; Amari Cooper, Las Vegas; JuJu Smith-Schuster, Springfield; Julio Jones, Las Vegas; George Kittle, Las Vegas; Rob Gronkowski, New England; Sting defense.

Week 15: Derrick Henry, Detroit. Honorable mention: Patrick Mahomes, Las Vegas; Dalvin Cook, Springfield; Joe Mixon, St. Louis; Todd Gurley, Las Vegas; Damien Williams, New Orleans; DeAndre Hopkins, New Orleans; Robby Anderson, New York.

Week 16: Aaron Rodgers, Houston. Honorable mention: Deshaun Watson, Oakland; Patrick Mahomes, Las Vegas; Chris Carson, New York; Alvin Kamara, Lincoln; Antonio Brown, Washington; Robert Woods, Tampa Bay; Kyle Rudolph, Detroit; Zach Ertz, New Orleans; Warlords defense.

Week 17: Dak Prescott, Detroit. Honorable mention: Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay; Tom Brady, New England; Jordan Howard, St. Louis; Saquon Barkley, Las Vegas; Mike Evans, Las Vegas; Chris Godwin, Houston; Tyreek Hill, St. Louis; Brandin Cooks, Washington; George Kittle, Las Vegas; Sharks defense, Clowns defense.

Teams of the Week
Week 13: Oakland
Week 14: Las Vegas
Week 15: New Orleans
Week 16: Las Vegas

December Studs
QB: Patrick Mahomes, Las Vegas; Tom Brady, New England; Deshaun Watson, Oakland

RB: Derrick Henry, Detroit; Chris Carson, New York; Christian McCaffrey, Detroit; Saquon Barkley, Las Vegas; Joe Mixon, St. Louis

WR: Julio Jones, Las Vegas; DeAndre Hopkins, New Orleans; Antonio Brown, Washington

TE: George Kittle, Las Vegas

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